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Upma Pant



I am Upma Pant. An Army veteran and integrative therapist, working in the domain of mind sciences. I help people navigate through the challenges of life. My 10 years of serving the nation with the Indian Army, taught me to work for the country with camaraderie. I now work with the same spirit in the therapeutic space and try to be your companion in your moments of distress. 

Whenever we are dealing with stressful situations in life, it not only hampers our conscious living which includes the capacity to make correct decisions and analyze but also affects our emotional state. This leads us to a state of distress. If you are going through a phase in life that is overwhelming, I suggest you choose therapy and take the first step towards finding a holistically resolved space within.

My Story

I found my way back to life through therapy. Here I share my journey and invite you to take a step towards self-discovery in a therapeutic space with me.


In the year 2013, my world came crashing down when I realized that my marriage is on the rocks.  Next 3 years were the most difficult phase of my life. I was depressed, took anxiety pills and life kept slipping of out of my hands. It was during this time that I started going for therapy. I was so overwhelmed with the effect therapy was having on my life that I decided to learn how this magic works. By 2018, I was a trained and certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Regression therapist. I even became a trainer in this domain. I was working with people, lives were getting transformed. The more I worked with people, the more I understood how human mind and lives are so unique, coming from different belief systems and experiences. I was happily surfing on this wave. However, something still seemed amiss. There was a feeling settling in which made me feel that I need to better my offering to the people whom I work with.

Soon, there was a second bout of depression to which I am thankful because then started my journey of exploring self through many invisible layers (which still continues). I came to understand the effect of repression on our personalities and the role of shame in denting our authentic self. I have experienced being marginalized through different filters, all my life. While I fought for acceptance, I continued to be excluded. I lost different quintessential people of my life and the black hole of grief kept getting bigger and bigger within. I was oblivious to what was happening deep within because I had shut my feelings with great understanding of how life works, why we should forgive and let go, feel love and spread love. Great words and no doubt there is eternal truth in them but I realized it wasn’t organically happening within. Therefore, in this second phase of healing I understood that every feeling and emotion has to be respected first because they are telling us about something. If we don’t understand, and judge them, we reject ourselves. We invalidate ourselves whenever we reject a part of us. Thus, true healing happens when we understand what the heavy or intense emotions are telling us, see from where it is coming and give it time to organically get processed within our system so that a natural shift from that space comes about.  Now, as I choose to come out and become visible, I choose authenticity, self-acceptance and self-love as a way of life rather than wear a mask and defeat my real self.

With a lot of warmth, I offer to you an integrative approach to therapy where we will work with Talk therapy, Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Regression and tools of Psychotherapy. I am queer sensitive and affirmative therapist.

I invite you to join me in this journey of unboxing ourselves. I would be happy to help you in finding your authentic self and own it with pride. Healing is a journey and therapy is not a quick fix to our issues in life. We have to be with it and keep integrating our traumatic parts whenever they are ready. It’s a very organic process. The key is authenticity. Be true to yourself. If you are feeling an emotion which is distressing, acknowledge it and don’t abandon it. Own yourself because you owe it to yourself. When you are able to accept yourself, you unravel your unrealized potential and feel empowered to take charge of your life. True healing helps gain the power to own yourself fully and completely. If you feel you would like to take this road to discovery, I will be happy to be a companion on this journey.


Happy Unboxing!


Mobile : +91 9545098905

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