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What is Therapy?

Therapy is any process which is therapeutic in experience. Therapy can be as simple as being in nature and feeling calm. Anything which pulls us out of our state of distress and places us in a state of rest is therapy. Therapy is of various kinds and can be sought in the dimension of mind, body or soul. Therapy for the body can look like Massage therapy, physiotherapy, yoga, diet therapy or medicinal support. Therapeutic relief in mind space can come from psychology based work like counselling, psychotherapy, regression work, Life coaching, etc. Therapy for a soulful experience can be Spiritual Sadhna based. Alternative healing based work which can be energy healing. Therapy is a wide spectrum and different modalities work for different people.

I use a combination of tools to provide a holistic healing and give you a therapeutic experience which works on your body, mind and soul. In the following sections, I will briefly touch upon the modalities that I use in my work.




Counselling is often referred to as talk therapy. This is a space where the client and the therapist sit together to discuss the distress faced by the client, understand his challenges and help him find resolutions in a confidential setup. It is in this non-judgemental space, where the client is helped to reflect upon his life situation and come up with a creative solution which is empowering in nature. The end objective is to help the client gain strength to face the challenges of life and associated fears, reflect on his defence mechanism and different aspects of his personality, and reach a space of authenticity and feel strong enough own self completely. This journey is full of questioning self and reflecting upon individual’s life by the individual. I personally find a counselling a very powerful process as it involves equal participation of the client. Through the process, the client continuously learns to take charge of his life and walk the path of self-empowerment.




To understand Hypnotherapy, let us first get an overview of what is hypnosis. Hypnosis is an altered state of mind which is a combination of deep relaxation at the level of body and mentally a state of heightened focus and awareness. While many are scared of the word Hypnosis, they often confuse it with Hypnotism. A therapist works with Clinical Hypnosis only with the permission of the client and at no stage takes control of the client for his individual interest.


Hypnosis is a very natural process which we experience while going off to sleep or while getting up in the morning. Even when we are focussed on something so much so that everything else happening around seems to fade out we are experiencing hypnosis. Hypnotic trance is experienced by all of us at some or the other time of the day.


When a therapist uses the tool of Clinical Hypnosis in a clinical set up for the purpose of therapy it is known as Clinical Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is being widely used all over the world by psychologists, Psychiatrist and Mind therapists.


Issues in life are effects, the cause of which sometimes is known and many a times unknown. Even when we are not aware of the reason of our suffering, it is the conscious mind which is not aware. Our Sub Conscious mind is many times more powerful than our conscious mind and is a storehouse of information of everything related to our life. Hypnotherapy is a beautiful tool to access the deep sea of sub conscious mind and find the actual cause of our issues in life. The result of which is experienced is at all level of our being – Body, Mind and Spirit.


Past Life Regression Therapy


Past lives can be considered as stories we are attached to at the sub-conscious level which we feel are the reason behind our issues in life. I choose to call it a story because not everybody believes in theory of past life. If we do not get attached to the story and just work through the effects a story is having on our life within and around us, it is therapeutic in nature.

The world of past life and its various theories talks about the school of life, life on earth and beyond. Speaking about all of the theories can be abstract here because to each person it can have different connotation. In brief, PLRT (past Life Regression therapy) is done to resolve our unhealed past from another time and space so that our current reality can be seen in a new perspective.


Inner Child Healing


Inner Child is part of our personality in past. Inner Child can be happy or sad depending upon our varied experiences. The key here is that not only an Inner Child is happy or sad, it is living in the cocoon of its own beliefs, perspectives and conclusions. The part of us living the present is the adult. Imagine all our ICs (Inner Child) and adult personality sitting in a car. Ideally the driver of the car should be the adult. While on the drive, if we see something outside which reminds us of our past, and if we are not mindful, often the driver of the car shifts to that IC who has lived a similar event in past. This means we may behave in the manner we have behaved in the past in a similar situation. Whenever we are not able to live the present moment in the light of our present reality we give away the ‘Power of Now’ to our healed/unhealed past. When we are operating from the happy software (Happy IC) it doesn’t seem to affect us but still it disempowers the adult. When we operate from the sad software (Sad IC), it may bring us distress in different ways.


Inner Child healing aims at reliving the past in a therapeutic setup in a state of hypnotic trance and heal the unhealed part of our personality. This facilitates the integration of our part of past with the current reality and empowers us with lost resources.


Queer Affirmative Counselling


I am sensitive towards the mental health needs of the margins. LGBTQI+ community has been at the receiving end for decades. I am conscious of the shame, discrimination and trauma faced by the community at large and the day to day challenges. It is my endeavor to provide a safe space to them and be a support in complete acceptance of their individuality in all dimensions of life. Through this website, I wish to encourage my readers to come out and take the first step towards a mentally healthy space which speaks of self-acceptance. I wish to assure you that the more you believe in self and accept your truth, the more courage you will get to own yourself to the world.

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