Discovering Your Bliss With Therapy

Updated: Mar 18

Bliss is a state of mind which is of natural joy and happiness. It motivates us to live our life to its fullest potential. It is a space that promotes growth and establishes a sense of purpose in life. For some, it is the childlike state which is full of warmth, life, and excitement, how we see it in a child. It is an ecstatic state where there seems no worry or disappointment for others. Bliss can be experienced by people in different ways but in essence, it would all relate to a sense of peace where there is no fear and we experience a connection with our core self. In deepest of our being is the source of eternal joy and the more we get in touch with ourselves, the nearer we are to this experience. Even when we are not making efforts, we occasionally get in touch with our true being and experience a state of bliss. These are the moments when our mind is not occupied with disturbing thoughts or we are completely involved in doing something we enjoy. Bliss is experienced when we are completely relaxed and peaceful, or when we meditate and dive deep into ourselves, etc. Therapy is one of the ways which helps to discover our bliss.

My world was appearing to be collapsing when I went for therapy for the first time. Nothing seemed to bring happiness in life and I felt stuck which made me feel low, depressed, helpless, and not good about myself. I was angry at the world around me for either making me feel so awful or not helping me. Opting for therapy was the best decision at that moment. With therapy, slowly my mind fog started to lift up. The state of confusion resolved and I came face to face with the real issues of my life which were hiding behind the various overwhelming situations in my life. And then we started working together towards my core thoughts and emotions. Today, I not only feel a lot more resolved emotionally but also feel empowered with a better grip over my life. My constant state of sadness has transformed into a blissful state where most of the times my happiness does not depend on external factors. And even when I slip from that state coming back to my homeostasis is easier.

How Does Therapy Help in Reaching a State of Bliss?

Usually we are not able to take control of our lives and drive it in a healthy direction because of some deep wounds. Either we feel we are not capable enough, a thought which is driven by shame or guilt, or we might be under fear of the consequences and a feeling that we may not be able to deal with failure. At times we may not feel powerful enough in an overpowering environment or are simply tired of continuous struggle in life. There are a plethora of situations in life that can stress us out. During these stressful situations, we either give up or are unable to pick ourselves up and move forward. Reasons can be many but the baseline is we are unhappy and we are unable to be naturally happy or come to a state of happiness on our own.

One of the key elements of therapy is that it encourages one to be authentic and take charge of life taking complete responsibility. We shift from blaming external triggers (people or situations) for the unhappiness in our life and move towards taking responsibility for our life and navigating it to a state of bliss. We begin to experience happiness and peace in whatever we are doing.

A therapist provides a non-judgmental space where the client can be comfortable to be himself, express freely, and feel understood. Healing begins the moment catharsis begins and flows uninterrupted in an unbiased space. This makes the client feel safe and thus encouraged to drop the guard which is the beginning of going deeper within self and facing the fears. The client gets this experience and opportunity with his therapist. In the therapy room, the client feels safe which makes him say whatever he wants, and eventually, go within after the core issue has been addressed.

We may go to the therapist when we are deep down into our sadness and the feeling has multiplied over many incidents. We might be confused where anything and everything looks very complex. In this state of confusion, we may not even know the actual cause of our distress or what is pulling us down. It may make us feel clouded or foggy mentally. Going to a therapist can help clear these uncertainties as he is trained in resolving complex feelings and instead of feeling the burden of the entire load together we start making distinction in issues. In a couple of sittings, we might discover with the help of the therapist what is the root cause of various feelings and come to understand our core issue in life which is the source of all other feelings and emotions. We then move from recognition to resolution of the core issue and start unlocking our lost resources. We start gaining the courage to take steps in life towards our better future which is full of happiness and bliss. Whenever we go through any kind of trauma, we experience fear and lose some courage, faith, and trust. Therapy is a journey to rediscover that lost parts of us. And the more we work towards integrating more and more lost parts, we start becoming more whole and complete. This is an empowering feeling which fills us up with the courage of conviction, helps us to own ourselves in a better way, and build up trust in ourselves. From this empowered space, we start experiencing a paradigm shift in our experience of life and become blissful.

Therapy is not a Quick fix

This kind of therapeutic journey is not a quick fix. It is not a 2-3 sittings formula. It takes consistent efforts to stay on this path of self-empowerment and is full of self-realization. This is where it becomes parallel to the benefits that even deep meditation brings in. There are moments in this journey when we get that Aha! feeling because we uncover one more layer which hides our true self. In those moments we experience bliss because there we get a taste of self and realization that the source of this happiness is within. This experience is independent of external sources and thus is true bliss. If we can establish ourselves in this state then not only do we experience bliss always but also feel empowered to take charge of our life. I suggest, choosing therapy and taking that first step towards owning yourself.

Happy healings …

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